site-specific wall drawing presented at fried fruit gallery, wilmington NC
december 8, 2023 - january 7, 2024

sphere takes its title from a long poem by A.R. Ammons. I was already falling way into this poem before I knew that I had just moved to the same area of eastern NC where Ammons lived out his boyhood and, I have to imagine, where his conflicted vision of “the plenitude of nothingness!” was born.

“…but if I back off to take the shape of a tree
I gather blurs: when does water seeping into the roothairs
pass the boundary after which it is tree: the light, the

surrounding, penetrating, shading light, at what aural
remove from the actual leaf does light cease to be tree: or
do the tree boughs linger all the way into the sun: when

the leaves fall, as they are falling now in shoals of variable
intensities, when does the wind have them and the tree give
them up: is the high syrup invisible moving under, through…”

Installation / details
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